black hat hacker

Do businesses really care about customer data privacy?

As the internet technology has become accessible to anyone in the world, the amount of websites started to increase. It seemed to be a magical thing that gives you access to communicate worldwide with anyone and anywhere, so why not to try?

As far as I remember my childhood, I got addicted to social networks – everyday after school lessons I used to log in to my loved social network and was about to spend my whole day there. Then I didn’t even know, what data privacy means. I had heard about hackers and other wizards, who make the computers do whatever they want, but I didn’t even know, what an access to my confidential data these guys can get.

My outlook to the world has changed cardinally, when I decided to learn programming. Day by day my skills have become stronger, until I was able to crack the first website, then the second – after some time I started to feel the power of being a black hat hacker – you can control almost anything. For real.

After a year breaking the virtual properties of businesses started to become boring. Later I have turned into white hat hacker. I’m shocked, how many websites are vulnerable! Businesses really don’t care about us, the people, if they don’t take security seriously. For an example, I text the company with a message of security issues in their system – a significant amount of them don’t give a sh*t, however, there is a minority of that segment, that pays attention to security and data privacy.

SQL Injection

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